Best ENT Doctor in Los Angeles


A visit to an ENT doctor can provide a bigger picture of your health.

Because of the way some key structures within the ears, nose, and throat are connected, the most effective way to treat many issues that could affect these areas is to seek treatment from the best ENT doctor in Los Angeles.

In addition to what’s discussed below, one of the main benefits of being treated by a top-quality ENT doctor is the ability to receive an accurate diagnosis from a specialist familiar with both common and uncommon sources of symptoms related to the head and neck area.


Better Management of Childhood Earaches

Younger children are more likely to be affected by recurring ear infections, some of which are related to fluid buildup in the middle ear, mucus in the Eustachian tubes, or upper respiratory issues. The best ENT doctor in Los Angeles normally uses a lighted instrument called an otoscope to view the inside of the ear to look for signs of an infection. A hearing test may also be performed if some degree of hearing loss is experienced with an ear infection.

Restored or Improved Hearing

The best ENT doctor in Los Angeles is prepared to help patients restore or improve their hearing as much as possible. The most common type of hearing loss is related to exposure to excessive noise. It’s often temporary, but if it’s not, an ENT doctor can perform tests to determine if the eardrum or other inner ear structures have been damaged. A referral to an ENT doctor may also be made if it’s believed that hearing loss could be related to a medical problem. ENT specialists can also treat hearing issues caused by:

  • Abnormal middle ear bone growths
  • Injuries to the head or ears
  • Meniere’s disease and other ear-related conditions
  • Inner ear inflammation

Less Disruptive Allergy Symptoms

Even the best ENT doctor in Los Angeles can’t guarantee you’ll never experience allergy symptoms again. But what an ear, nose, and throat specialist can do is perform tests to determine if symptoms may be related to sinus infections (sinusitis) or an underlying condition like asthma. With severe allergies, immunotherapy (allergy shots) may be suggested.

Improved Appearance and Quality of Life

It’s not out of the ordinary for the bone and cartilage that divides the nasal passage (nasal septum) to gravitate towards one side. It becomes a problem if breathing is affected, or if the nasal septum is damaged by an injury. One possible solution is septum reconstruction (septoplasty). It’s also a procedure that may relieve recurring sinus infections and correct breathing patterns enough to improve sleep habits. An otolaryngologist can also evaluate and treat deformities affecting the ears, neck, or throat.

Peace of Mind

Persistent sore throats, unexplained voice changes, and lumps in the neck or throat area are just some of the possible signs of a tumor that may or may not be cancerous. Since it’s possible that a sore throat or voice changes might also be caused by a serious infection, thyroid issues, or vocal cord polyps or nodules, receiving an accurate diagnosis from an ENT doctor can provide much-appreciated peace of mind and possibly welcome relief for patients. Another common reason for a visit to an ENT specialist is suspected irritations of the tonsils and adenoids.

So, what you can expect from a visit to the best ENT doctor in Los Angeles? Typically, you’ll be asked about the nature and duration of your symptoms and medical history. If you are bringing your child for a visit, an ear, nose, and throat specialist knows how to deal with younger patients in a way that keeps them remain comfortable while still allowing examinations and tests to be performed so an accurate diagnosis can be made.