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Meet Dr. Lin

Dr. Lin specializes in conditions of the ear, hearing loss, and balance disorders.


Dr. Lin is a board-certified ENT doctor and is fellowship-trained in otology, neurotology, and skull base surgery.

In addition to treating routine conditions of the ear, including stapes, exostoses, and chronic otitis media surgeries, Dr. Lin is a cochlear implant surgeon who has particular clinical interest in complex otologic surgery, hearing loss and rehabilitation, balance disorders, aural atresia, cochlear implantation, and skull base surgery for tumor removal. Dr. Lin is also a member of the UCI multidisciplinary skull base tumor program in Orange County, CA, which includes neurotologists, neurosurgeons, and radiation oncologists, all of whom contribute to the planning and care of our skull base tumor patients.

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The members in our Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery are board-certified and focused on clinical research.
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Our department ranks first in the state of California when it comes to obtaining research funding from the National Institutes of Health.
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Dr. Lin focuses on research in ear disorders and skull base tumors with a team of other specialists.
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